June 11, 2021

Dear Homeowner,

You may have noticed that some homeowner’s mailboxes are looking a little tired and in need of some maintenance and repair.  We would like everyone to inspect their mailbox and make repairs, paint or replace their mailbox and post, as needed, this summer.  All mailboxes should be green with a white post and greenhouse numbers on the FRONT SIDE ONLY of the post.  Posts should not be leaning or have rotted wood.

The following is a checklist to guide you through your own inspection: 

No   Item Possible repair or replacement
1 Faded post paint Paint the sides of the post with white paint.  Paint the house numbers (FRONT SIDE ONLY) with Hunter Green paint
2 Damaged mailbox Replace the mailbox with a new one.  You may purchase a new mailbox on-line from Home Depot.  The mailbox you should purchase is:

Elite Medium Size Galvanized Steel Post-mount in Green.  

You may find more details on the HOA Website at:


3 Faded mailbox You may spray paint the mailbox with Hunter Green spray paint
4 Leaning post Straighten the post and make it level on all sides
5 Rotted wood Replace all rotted wood

All homeowners are receiving this letter and in some cases no repair is necessary.  Please take appropriate action if your mailbox needs attention.  According to the Heritage Lakes Declaration of Covenants section 7.11 SIDEWALKS; MAILBOX, it’s the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain their mailbox.   

An inspection will be made in September to identify homeowners who have not made the necessary repairs to their mailbox.  We are giving homeowners approximately three months to make the necessary repairs.  After this grace period, a $50 per month fine will be assessed on homeowners who do not repair their mailbox during this period.  A monthly fine will be assessed each month until the mailbox is maintained.  

The positive impact is huge when everyone does their small part!