Heritage Lakes Homeowners Information

Covenant Information The Covenant and Laws documents include:

  • Heritage Lakes Architectural Design
  • Declaration and Covenant
  • Heritage Lakes Declarations and Bylaws
  • Heritage Lakes Codes

Copies of these documents are available on the Heritage Lakes Homeowners Association Website: http://www.HeritageLakesHilliard.Org/rules-and-covenants/

Condensed version of the HOA Covenant
  1. Use of Lots: No improvements may be performed/constructed on any lot until and unless the plans have been approved by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Please see Architectural Review Committee Information below.
  2. Homeowner’s Responsibility: Each owner shall maintain his/her lot and the area between the street curb and right of way and all structures. The homeowner shall maintain his/her lot in a manner that is consistent with the Community Standards. 
  3. Storage: No open storage of any kind is permitted. No storage buildings of any kind are permitted, INCLUDING without limitation, sheds or barns.
  4. Vehicles: No cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, boats, trailers, campers or mobile homes shall be parked or stored on the street or on any lot for any time period longer than 48 hours in any thirty day period.
  5. Trash: All trash shall be deposited in covered sanitary containers, screened from view and stored in the garage.
  6. Street Trees: Owners shall care for and, if necessary, contact the City of Hilliard for replacement of dead street trees.
  7. Mailbox: If your mailbox is damaged, destroyed or deteriorates, each Owner, at his own expense must repair or replace such mailbox with another approved mailbox.
Architectural Review Committee Information
  • All modifications to the exterior of your property, including painting, decks, roofs, fences, garages, driveways, etc., must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for approval prior to beginning the project.
  • Forms for submitting requests for approval can be found in the Homeowners Association Website


Property Inspections
  • The property management company performs an inspection of the neighborhood every two weeks to identify maintenance/compliance problems. If any property maintenance issues needs to be addressed, homeowners will be notified by mail.
  • Homeowners are subject to fines if issues are not corrected before the provided deadline.
Property Management Contractor

Arnold A. Barzak
Email: abarzak@cpscolumbus.com
Office: 614-481-4411
Fax: 614-443-3798

Capital Property Solutions
P.O. Box 630
Worthington, Ohio 43085-0630

Annual HOA Dues $480 per year. The Property Manager will send out an invoice in January of each year
Annual Board Meeting The Board welcomes all residents to attend the Annual HOA Board meeting that is held at the Heritage Lakes Clubhouse. The meeting is held around mid-April every year. Announcements for the meeting are made a few weeks prior to the meeting.
Electronic media Website: www.HeritageLakesHilliard.org

Facebook: The Facebook page can be found by searching Heritage Lakes Neighborhood Hilliard Ohio.  As this is a closed group, you must request to join.  The Group Administrator will verify you and approve your request.

Social Activities Easter Egg Hunt- March or April
Neighborhood Garage Sale- May
Summer block party – August
HOA Board Isam Saleh, President – isaleh@columbus.rr.com
Rebecca Blythe, Secretary
Joe Dorrian, Trustee
Skip Schmidt, Fairway Commons Rep.