Heritage Lakes Homeowners Association

Dear Homeowner:

As the President of the Heritage Lakes Homeowners Association, it’s my duty and privilege to stay in touch with our residents. Recently, I sent out a letter addressed to the new homeowners to welcome them to our neighborhood and congratulations on the purchase of their home. I have also sent out the same letter to all the neighbors who have shared their emails with the HOA. I am reaching out to all the neighbors who have lived at Heritage Lakes for a while but have not shared their emails with us. The goal of this letter is to give you some information that may be of value to you and also to ask you to share your email address with me so that I may communicate with you more efficiently and effectively.

The operation of your homeowners association is governed by a board of volunteer directors. The Board of Directors is elected by the community to oversee the daily functions and financial responsibilities of the Association. The Board is also responsible for maintaining members’ compliance with the established covenants and bylaws of the Association. The board governs specific provisions regarding what can and cannot be done on your property. Please take the time to read through the Bylaws and Covenants documents you may have received during the home purchase process. Copies of these governing documents are available on the Heritage Lakes Homeowners Association Website http://www.HeritageLakesHilliard.org/rules-and-covenants .

The HOA Website http://www.HeritageLakesHilliard.org is intended to facilitate communication between the Board of Directors and the residents. Upcoming activities and events, announcements, a community calendar, a neighborhood forum, deed restrictions and bylaws, architectural review forms, and volunteer committee information can all be found on the Website. Please take a few minutes to visit and familiarize yourself with its resources. We also encourage you to join the neighborhood Facebook page. The Facebook page can be found by searching (on Facebook) Heritage Lakes Neighborhood Hilliard Ohio.  As this is a closed group, you must request to join.  The Group Administrator will verify you and approve your request.

The Board of Directors can be contacted through the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the homepage. Please send us a message, at your convenience, so that we may have a record of your email address and telephone number. We want to make sure we can communicate effectively with you.

As a homeowner, you may already have some ideas on how you’d like to improve your property. Please keep in mind, the Association has an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) to help maintain the quality of our neighborhood. The ARC’s primary function is to evaluate the plans for all exterior landscaping, repairs and remodeling (such as painting, decks, fences, trees and bushes, replacement roofs, etc.) to ensure compliance with all Covenants and Rules. The purpose of this review is to protect our scenic environment and maintain the value of our homes. All modifications to the exterior of your property, including repainting with the same color, must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee for approval before any work begins. If work is started without prior approval, the homeowner risks being cited for a covenant violation and may be required to alter or remove the changes at significant additional cost. You may submit requests to the ARC through this link.

I hope you find the information provided in this letter of value and I also ask that you share with us your email address, visit the HOA Website and join the neighborhood’s Facebook page.


Isam Saleh, HOA President