Construction on Alton Darby – Heritage Preserve

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If you haven’t noticed or live in cave, there is a lot of construction going on just west of Alton Darby Road.  This is Heritage Preserve, this is a high end home development of Dan O’Brian and Planned Development Company.  This has been on paper for some time, but now we are starting to see the first stages of construction.  These are going to be high end homes on large lots with large areas of woods, parks and ponds and preserving some of the large tracks of woods and existing waterways.

The entire  document is here .  This is a 25 page document it’s very slow to download and the pictures might not show up so I posted pictures of the street layouts and such on this site. There is a full (12 Pics) gallery below. Details about lot sizes and such are in the document.

Several of you have submitted questions about the new development across Alton Darby Road. Thanks to Dan O’Brian, for taking the time to answer the questions.

Q. When do you expect the first houses will start breaking ground? 
A. Fischer Homes has recently broken ground on their first model home and plan to break ground on addition models yet this spring.

Q. Are there going to be any changes to Alton Darby Road to accommodate the entrance or changes in traffic patterns?
A. Alton Darby road is being by-passed and a new road will run along the South edge of Heritage Preserve and head South towards Roberts Road.  Two lanes are nearly build but ultimately it will be be four lanes.  This is all in accordance with the city thoroughfare plan.

Q. It appears there are going to be duplex housing… Is this true where are they going to be located, how many?  
A. Heritage Preserve will consist of 405 single family homes serving four different market segments.  Each segment will have its own neighborhood.  Prices will range from $300,000 to over $700,000.
There is also an apartment site zoned for 282 units located at the Southwest portion of the site and will cater to young professionals.

Q. Will this neighborhood be incorporated into the Heritage Lakes Neighborhood Association?
A. Heritage Preserve will have its own HOA and it will operate independently.  It makes sense fro Heritage Lakes Residents and Heritage Preserve residents to get together to share use of the path system to be built in Heritage Preserve. It will be significant and will wind through wooded areas and around ponds.  The Heritage Lakes paths obviously tie into the park.

Q. Will there be any changes to the sewage pumps i.e. lift station?
A. These are maintained by the city and will be maintained by them.

Q. With the 400+ acres, has any of it been zoned commercial?
A. No commercial zoning.

Q. Will the old barns and out buildings be torn down?
A. What remains today is planned to stay and be converted into community uses.  There is a planned community garden and gathering space.

Q. Will the beaver damn and watershed be preserved?
A. There will be 230 acres of open space with all the woods and waterways preserved and enhanced.

Q. Will those residents have access to the golf course road?
A. No.

Q. Will Heritage Preserve be annexed into Hilliard?
A. This area is already in Hilliard.

Finally, This will a community we will all be proud of and will enhance everyone’s property values.  Residents will feel they are living in a park setting.  The area closest to Alton Darby Road will be  the homes in the $400-$700,000 price range.  They will sit well beyond the road frontage as per the master plan.